Creative track

Behind the Scenes: Our Creative Culture

We believe that creativity should serve the mission of the church. Creatives need to dream, but to have influence, you need the right posture for approaching people that see things differently than you.

Developing Content with a Story in Mind

Come and hear how we develop content that supports the message of each sermon series to create a unified worship experience.

Idea to Execution: The Creative Process

Have you ever been inspired to create something, but that's as far as it ever goes? The secret to moving from a great idea to a purposeful result lies within the creative process.

Walk with us through the nuts and bolts of brainstorming, determining content and creating a story that captures attention.

Discipleship track

Finding a Bridge Into Discipleship

We believe that church should be more than a one-hour gathering around a stage. A thriving church looks more like a community of Christ-followers gathered in a living room.

We are more committed than ever to disciple people, and to share how being with Jesus, becoming like Jesus, and doing what Jesus did is making its way into the core of our Groups Ministry.

Prayer…At Home with God

Prayer can become more than a short monologue or a quick 'request list'. It can be our way of being near God, lingering with Him and having real conversations.

We will unpack some ideas about the things we can do to remove distractions from our prayer life, and hear from a few seasoned prayer warriors.

rooted: A Discipleship tool

Is your church making disciples? How do you know? We launched Rooted, a community discipleship experience, to provide a framework for living the life of a disciple.

Generations track

Develop an Intentional Plan for Your Kids

In this breakout, we will talk about how Compassion Christin has structured its Generations Ministry from nursery to college.

We will cover programming, curriculum, and how to make the transitions between life stages easier on your students.

It’s More Than Just Rocking Babies and Changing Diapers

The nursery is often the very first place that gives new families an impression of your Kids ministry. The level of excellence you have for your nursery will determine what families will expect from your church.

parental Engagement in student ministry

Every youth worker has experienced the challenge of engaging parents in the ministry. We put energy into communication and events for parents, but it seems like the only 'participation' we get comes in the form of frustration or concern.

Empowered parents are worth the effort. Come discover how to be more effective in engaging the parents of our students.

preschool ministry

Description coming soon..

Serving Beyond Kids Sunday Funday

From major trauma, to cultural influences, to ministry disillusionment, Kids ministry puts you in situations where you might not feel qualified or equipped. Come listen to our experience and we will share what resources we use to feel prepared in these difficult areas.

Serving Beyond Kids Sunday Funday

From major trauma, to cultural influences, to ministry disillusionment, Kids ministry puts you in situations where you might not feel qualified or equipped. Come listen to our experience and we will share what resources we use to feel prepared in these difficult areas.

three questions that every high schooler asks

At the core, every High Schooler is desperately searching for the answer to three main questions and the gospel has an answer for all three. A High School ministry that addresses those questions consistently will attract new students and help them see how God's way will lead to the impactful life they so deeply desire.

What’s that smell? It’s middle school ministry

Why do people run from Middle School students? Is it the smelly pits, squeaky voice, or overpowering Axe body spray?

No matter what it is, these students are going through the biggest changes of their lives, while discovering their beliefs and where they belong.

Join us as we talk through the essentials of a relevant, biblical, and engaging Middle School ministry.

Leadership track

Breaking barriers

Is your church stuck? Has your church growth plateaued or even started declining? This is a predictable challenge that every growing church faces. Fortunately, there are solutions! This workshop will discuss practical steps you can take to break through to the next level of growth!

Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the most underrated aspect of what it takes to be a leader. Developing your EQ will equip you to handle challenges you never thought you could handle. This breakout will discuss what EQ is, and how we can grow ourselves in it to become better leaders.

leading through hard changes

Since last Next Level, Compassion Christian Church has gone through a lot of changes. Some of them have been really hard changes. Come hear about how we transitioned through them, roadblocks we hit along the way, and steps we are continuing to take to make our church better for the next level of our ministry.

The Enneagram as a discipleship tool

Over the last 10 years, this personality inventory has given the CCC Staff Team a common language and deeper insight into ourselves and one another.

In this session, we will explore what the Enneagram system entails, the nine personality types, and how it can be used as a discipleship tool to help us grow.

Ministry development track

A Pathway to Leadership

This session will focus on our journey, as a church, to strengthen and deepen our faith, by inviting everyone to travel higher and deeper on their journey with God, by engaging a call to leadership.

Creating a Compelling Volunteer Culture

We get to a be a part of the work that God is doing, and that should be exciting. So why can it feel like pulling teeth to recruit and keep volunteers? Come listen to the ways that we are moving to change our volunteer culture.

Helping People Find their Place in the Church

Helping people find their place in the church is a hard job, but hard does not have to equal messy. Come hear about how we are focusing on the one way to help people connect to the church, while preventing people from falling through the cracks.

Tracking Discipleship in a Growing Church

People can get lost in the crowd really easily, and no matter the size of your church, people will struggle with connecting. Come listen to the changes that we’ve made to help people identify their next step clearly and consistently.

Operations and Eldership Track

Developing Staff: Moving from Evaluation to Calibration

Review evaluates the past—development focuses on future growth. This session will explore how we seek to build a culture of development, which unlocks staff member's potential, by moving from an evaluation-focused mindset to the growth and development of our staff through consistent, standardized and objective calibration.

Eldership and the Church

What is the role that elders should play in the church? How can elders and staff work together to move the church forward? Come and hear about how we position both our elders and staff for success, and the many mistakes we’ve made along the way.

Keeping Your Church Safe and Functional

This breakout session will address basic safety protocols, security policies, risk assessments, as well as volunteer training and development.

We will also address the growing pains that we have experienced from going from a single 125,000 square ft. building to maintaining over 400,000 square ft. on six campuses over 50 miles.

From Offering Plate to Audit, and Everything in Between

This breakout will touch on how to honor God, all the way from receiving a donation to spending it. We will cover everything from contribution processing, accounts payable, budgets, and going through an audit. We will discuss the best practices and the importance of segregation of duties in all of these areas.

Outreach Track

Creating Ministry to Help the Hurting

This workshop is designed to help churches clarify their mission and expand their ministry in the area of critical community care. We will share how churches of any size can recruit and train volunteers who will promote hope and healing through the body of Christ, to members as well as non-members. Ministry areas such as benevolence, food/clothing distribution and crisis intervention will be addressed.

Growing the Church Through Going to the People

Outreach to our communities and world is so much more than a mandate. Going outside the walls of the church defines the cause of Christ to a skeptical world.

We'll discuss strategies to be pro-active about shaping the church's reputation in a cynical world and attracting new people through acts of compassion.

Foster Care, Let's Take Responsibility

The American Church has outsourced the role of caring for the most broken and vulnerable people in our community, and given it to the government. The church can and must play a crucial role in engaging our local foster care system. Let's take responsibility and return to the calling to care for the fatherless, the orphans and the vulnerable children of our communities.

The Good, The Bad, and Ugly of Short Term Missions

Short term mission trips get a bad rap - and for a good reason. However, we believe it is possible to send short term teams that both transform those that go, and sustain those on the field. Join us as we discuss how to make short-term trips into a discipleship tool for your church.

Worship Experience Track

Creating Moments Through the Lens of a Technician

Technician and creativity are words not often used in the same sentence. We've all heard it: they are too practical and logical. What if the moments you are trying to create get exponentially better by including your technical team?

Join us as our technical team shares their vision on how they create moments using technology.

Inspiring Wonder: The Power of Creating Moments

What if you were able to catch lightning in a bottle? What if you were able to create moments that reshaped how your congregation engaged church each week?

Every day, including Sunday mornings, we allow moments to pass us by that have the ability to deeply impact others. Join us as we explore the value of intentionally creating moments in our weekly gatherings.

How to Practice Remarkable Hospitality

When a guest arrives on your campus, you only have a few minutes to form a first impression and for them to decide whether they will return for a second visit.

Your hospitality ministries are the critical components for both decisions. Together we will explore how to practice remarkable hospitality on a weekly basis.

Moments Matter: Redefining Your Worship Programming

It's really easy to fall prey to the rut of weekly service programming. Does anyone even notice what I've programmed? Is it worth the hassle of thinking creatively? YES! The moments you create matter!

Spend time with us talking through the intentionality we bring to programming as we ensure that we are capturing the ideal moments.